Rich- Something real that happens that is hilarious.

The definition of Rich comes from Urban Dictionary.  Pretty sure it sums up the Rich kids very well!   Cooper saw that I brought my camera to his house when I came over to babysit him and thought it would be a great idea to have a photo shoot.  I wasn't going to tell the kid no!  I love any opportunity to take his picture.   His brothers came home from school just in time, too. . . They weren't as enthusiastic about having their picture taken as Cooper was. :)  

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Isn't She Lovely

This is beautiful Franchesca.   Isn't she lovely?
Lots of thanks go to her mom, Stephanie, for letting me come over on such short notice and for keeping Franchesca from crying...She didn't really like me :(
Oh, and don't you love her fairy wings?! 

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New Blog Coming Soon!

A new design blog is coming soon! Sneak peak below! 
Love to you all!

 This is for Jordan, who is in Japan.