Happy February! It's been a long month, but I made it through and now can think about all of the exciting things coming my way!

1. I'll be fiddling my in first PAID concert! About a year ago I took a job at a local violin/fiddle shoppe teaching lots of little kids how to fiddle. And boy-it has brought more opportunities to me then I ever thought would have come my way!

2. My friend and I are opening our own fiddle studio. It's been a lot of work, but we are excited to get things going in the Spring. Come visit us when we open!

3. I'm moving to Ukraine for 3.5 months! I applied for a graphic design internship and found out a few weeks after the New Year that I had been accepted! I can't wait for this new adventure in particular. It's going to be a lot of hard work getting there; learning Russian, packing, figuring out flights, money etc.  I've been assigned to work with a company that designs calendars, business cards, logos, and works closely with the design work for the Ukraine Temple.  I'll also get to travel to 15 other countries while I'm there. HOORAY! I can't wait to go back to Europe.

4. I've been on so many dates recently that my head is spinning... Maybe ONE of them will work out ;)

5. Being outdoors has been my saving grace. If you know me, you'll be surprised to hear that I wish winter was over (maybe I should have spent more time skiing) .. I am looking forward to summer :) It's been a cold long winter

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