I love...Skiing

Mary's Nipple Winter 2011

I'm a child of winter. Right when I think I can't learn to love this sport anymore, I find something new to try and my love grows more...if that's even possible :) I learned to ski at 3 years of age when my Dad would take me up to   the ski hill on week nights and teach me how to 'french fry' and 'pizza'.  I've been through everything from ski schools, private lessons,  lots of crashing and feeling like I had frost bite on every inch of my body, to learning how to ski off cliffs, ski in chest deep powder{a personal favorite} and hiking in the back-country.   Thanks to my Mom and Dad who had the ambition to teach their own great love for skiing to their young children- I'm sure it wasn't an easy task.  And thanks to my new and old friends who love skiing just as much as I do!  It wouldn't be quite as fun if you weren't there to push my comfort zones, teach me tricks, and ski every bluebird, icy, foggy and powder day of the season! I'm excited for more wonderful memories on the ski hill.

Here's to hoping all my kids will love sking as much as I do.

I love

I love a lot of things. For the next few weeks, until Valentine's Day, I'll be writing about things that I love most. Stay tuned for some serious lovin'.


Ahh... A new year has finally arrived and with it came new resolutions.  This year I've decided to carry some of my 2011 resolutions into 2012, you know, like the cliche goals of going to the gym, being nicer, eating more healthy etc. But a new resolution that's changed my life for the better already is the 'Recognizing God's Hand in our Daily Blessings' journal.  I've never been one to ponder on the daily happenings of my life, but through this journal, I've come to realize that my Heavenly Father is always there for me. Always.  He is constantly helping me, even with the smallest things.  I love it and I am grateful I started this journal already.
Here's to a great 2012 filled with the hand of God directing our lives and a healthier living style. :)