The Semester's Art Work

This last semester has been super busy!! I took 3 studio art classes: Photography, Graphic Design, and Color & Design. It has definitely kept me on my toes! Here are a few projects I have done.  Below each image is an explanation of what the assignment was.

Color and Design

Self Portrait Assignment
I printed off pictures of my head and taped them to a stick. I then asked random strangers off the street to pose against this red wall. I love this. I feel like i can relate to each one of them, especially the guy with the window scraper. . . I am always scraping  ;) (click the image to enlarge)

Word Assignment
Sorry for the spelling error! (I spelled appalled wrong, if you didn't notice)

Monochromatic Assignment

Cool...need i say more?

The following images are from my Graphic Design class

This cute little guy was for my logo project. I designed this for a children's clothing store named Papoose. :) (You can see this logo hanging in BYU-Idaho's 3rd floor Spori Gallery Winter Semester, 2010.)

 The above two images are work examples of Ludwig Hohlwein's art work.  He is primarily know for his WWII posters. 

The assignment for this poster was to mimic Ludwig's design style.  Ludwig was forced to make posters for Hitler. Most of the posters Ludwig designed were of strong, loyal, blonde-headed, blue-eyed people that appeared happy and carefree.  I thought today Ludwig might feel like he was blinding society with propaganda and lies so the swastika wrapped around this young woman's eyes symbolizes the blindness and deceit that happened to their society.

This poster was to advertise Ludwig Holwein's art exhibit being shown in the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. The poster needed to grab people's attention and at the same time, communicate to the viewers what his work was about and what his work represented. The images within the swastika are all posters that Ludwig did himself. The idea is that ALL of these propaganda posters played an important role in Hitler's reign. (You can see this poster hanging in BYU-Idaho's 3rd floor Spori Gallery, Winter Semester, 2010.)

Another one of my designs based on Ludwig's style.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Many of my Cousins came to Utah for Thanksgiving break.  We had a great time at Grandma's.  Here are a few pictures I took in Grandma's House, as well as in a parking lot with painted cinder blocks :)   

Even Grandpa let me take a picture of him :)

A few weeks ago, I took pictures for Tim & Jessica and Kevin & Chelsi.   Here are a couple from that FREEZING afternoon.

25 Days of Christmas... or SCARFS!

I Scarfs

Wow, aren't these awesome?!
I love EVERYONE of them!!
I was visiting one of my favorite craft sites, Grosgrain, and found this new post awaiting me. I loved it so much i thought i would blog about it too. I think i'll try number 6, 10 and 16 first. Or maybe i'll make one for every day in December. They'll make great gifts and most of them are very simple to make. You can find each of the tutorial links below. Enjoy!

24. YoYo Scarf Tutorial. ( Note: I couldn't find a  specific tutorial on how to make one but i linked to a tutorial on how to make a yoyo.
Just connect them together in different  forms to make a scarf.)

Young Women

These past few weeks, as their New Beginnings approaches, i've had many opportunities to take pictures of some Young Women (and a few of their leaders), from Rexburg. Here are a few. 

Shady Ladies

It's a good thing i have great friends. Once again, i needed some models for a photography project. We were initially there to take portraits, but somethings never go as planned. :) I'm very glad, however, that this session didn't go as planned.

Brooke was snooping around and happened to find this wonderful lamp shade. She put it on her head and said, "Take a picture". It was a good idea, Brooke. Thanks.


On Halloween Rachel graciously volunteered to be a model for my photography class.  She's beautiful, don't you think? Well, i do.  Thanks for coming Rachel.