This is pretty funny!


Yes, It's true, I'm posting two days in a row.  This is clearly a miracle!

This is my great friend Khira.  She is fantastic, talented & beautiful {as you can tell!}! We met in Family Foundations this semester.  Luckily she was gracious enough to let me use her as a model for one of my assignments. Thanks for being a great friend this semester, Khira, and for helping me out with my homework.  :)

Love that smile!

Are you looking for an awesome profile pic? Send me an email! I do free shoots while I'm a student :)

Happy girls are the prettiest

As I read this tonight I was reminded that my own happiness is up to me, no one else.  Being happy doesn't mean that everything is perfect.  It means that you've decided to look beyond the imperfections and live life to its fullest now. Don't wait around for better ones to come.

My Mom is beautiful. Happy weekend! I'm off for a camping & boating adventure. Bliss!


Time flies when you're having fun, or working, or going to school...or maybe all three.  This blog definitely gets left behind when life is full of adventures. 

Some happenings:

| Only 3 semesters of school left! Then what? Well, I don't know either...
| Best roommates ever. Seriously, I've never had so much fun! {or gotten into so much trouble}
| Lots of late nights working on homework in consequence of having too much fun
| Book Arts. {more on these creations later}
| Dreaming of winter, sub-zero weather, and skiing...
| Swimming, camping, hiking, berry picking, bonfires and all the fun that summer brings
| Finally learning how to drive the motorbike.  Look who surprised everyone :)
| Telling people all semester I'm from The Hamptons. Yes, Some still believe it
| Spending too much money on Jcrew clothing.  But who can help themselves? They are a work of art!
| Daydreaming of where the next step in life will take me
| Finally coming to the conclusion that change is good. Without it I would never become better
| Cutting all my hair off and then dying it auburn.
| Becoming a dam volunteer, wearing a dam shirt and telling my roommates we're all wearing the same dam shirt and to put on your other dam shirt, please.  {I just really wanted to say that on here}
| Weddings
| Netflix... I am addicted to 24!
| Dancing
| Answering phone calls, "Coates Landscape, this is Sarah" all day, everyday.  It gets in your head. And then you end up answering your own phone that way.. oops
| Dating. A lot.
| Garage saling. Best Saturday morning activity ever
| Late night conversations with friends.

More happenings to come, I'm sure.  Hopefully they'll be even better-If that's possible.  Happy August...or what's left of it!

Valentine's Day

Picture 1
 There's nothing like celebrating Valentine's Day in March ;) These pictures are from my sister's HS Valentine's Dance- What a riot these guys are!!


True Friends

I often wonder why i've been blessed with such great friends.  What would I do without you?

"All of us will be tested. And all of us need true friends to love us, to listen to us, to show us the way, and to testify of truth to us." -Henry B. Eyring

Thanks to those who show this kindness and friendship to me everyday.  Whether you're a new friend or an old friend, I'll always have the memory of your love, example, faith, and friendship that will lift me forever.  <3


"The cutest of all my friends."

My dear friend Amberlee has a fabulous blog where she writes about life living in a home with a spiral staircase and lava carpet.  Today I was thinking about the time she wrote about my brother's undying love for her. Very funny.  Read the story here.

Welcome Home, Elder Lofthouse!!


January Already?

Can you believe it's January already? Where does the time go?  Most of my time was spent in the printmaking lab and standing in line at Alphagraphics last semester.  Too many art classes at once, I'm afraid.  I am determined to get this blog back on track. . but, not tonight :) Hope your new years was very enjoyable!

Below: Proof that I actually did something last semester.  Although, it's nothing spectacular- Printmaking was much more enjoyable than typography.
Quirky was on of my typography projects later turned and printed into logos (Quirky bikes), business cards, and envelops.