"The cutest of all my friends."

My dear friend Amberlee has a fabulous blog where she writes about life living in a home with a spiral staircase and lava carpet.  Today I was thinking about the time she wrote about my brother's undying love for her. Very funny.  Read the story here.

Welcome Home, Elder Lofthouse!!


January Already?

Can you believe it's January already? Where does the time go?  Most of my time was spent in the printmaking lab and standing in line at Alphagraphics last semester.  Too many art classes at once, I'm afraid.  I am determined to get this blog back on track. . but, not tonight :) Hope your new years was very enjoyable!

Below: Proof that I actually did something last semester.  Although, it's nothing spectacular- Printmaking was much more enjoyable than typography.
Quirky was on of my typography projects later turned and printed into logos (Quirky bikes), business cards, and envelops.