You're Invited.

A Relief Society Party

The Relief Society, from my home ward, had a relaxing and enjoyable Hawaiian luau in our neighbors immaculate (I kid you not!) back yard on Thursday evening. It was picturesque and everything turned out beautifully--Even the weather! I think I could have stayed all night.  

If you'd like see or download the pictures from the event, (yes, there are many more) click HERE


One of my greatest friends, Dan, is getting married this weekend to a wonderful girl who couldn't be more perfect for him. Congratulations, Dan & Katy!! I'm excited to be there to celebrate!

Look what you can look forward to, Katy :)

The worst of luck.

If this isn't the truth about Rexburg. Haha!


7 week plans:

| Find a hot, adventurous mountain man. (see, we're off to a good start)

| Get a personal trainer so I can have arms and a 6-pack of steel

| Hike to Cave Falls, Table Rock, Paintbrush Divide, Holy and Solitude lake, and Climb the Grand Teton

| Become the next national fiddling champion

| Sleep under the stars

School's Out, Give a Shout!

Okay, that was kinda cheesy. But seriously, I am so happy. This has been the longest-short semester of my entire student career.  I'm so happy to be doing much more important things, like skiing on the grass down the BYU-Idaho hill or down the street on the cement. (I recommend doing it at night, the sparks from the skis are like the 4th of July).  I have big plans for the summer break people. BIG PLANS. 

On a side note, today was a weird day. I walked into the mens bathroom annnd I saw someone I may or may not like a lot while skiing down the cement like a retard. Great. 

To Infinity and Beyond!

On August 20th-23rd, a climbing guide will take 2 friends and I to the top of the world, almost 14,000 feet, to the summit of the Grand Teton. My hands are sweating as I write this. It's going to be the hardest physical test I've put my body through, but I try not to think about it too often (which is impossible because I'm so excited!!).  I work hard every day to keep an optimal climbing/walking strong body.  Lots of running, stairs, lunges, pushups, weight training, rock climbing, you name it-I've done it, or am doing it :)

I'll first visit the Middle Teton in just 2 short weeks in preparation for the climb of the Grand Teton. I'm giddy with excitement for these adventures! Some people are worried about all the risks (ahhem, mom...) But, it will be a goal completed and a dream come true. Something that I'll never forget.

Any Mountain climbers out there? Tips and suggestions are VERY welcome. I've only climbed a few mountains in my life..

I'll probably pose like this at the top of the mountain...

If you're wondering what this adventure looks like, there is a great blog written by a man who climbed with 3 other men. It has great pictures and maps to help anyone understand what it's really like up there. Read about it HERE

The Good Old Days

Sometimes I do ridiculous things for school. Take this photography assignment for example....We were assigned to recreate old photos.  HAHA This is possibly the craziest thing I've done all semester. I clearly can't fit in the bathtub like I could 19 years ago :)


Before we left for Canada,  I took some great shots of my roommate, Reina. She is beautiful, right?! I'm digging the fact that you can see me in the reflection of the sunglasses :)

Oh Canada!

Only 8 more days until I leave for Canada! My roommate, Tiffany, is getting married!  Two cars, five girls, two boys, trips to the Temple, receptions, dancing, hiking and canoeing in Waterton, campfires and seeing the biggest teepee in the world. Ohhhh boy, I am so excited. I can already tell you I won't want to come home.  Stay tuned for lots of pictures :)

I Love My Mom

Thanks to my Mom, I know exactly who I want to be like, and that is her. She is selfless in everyway and I couldn't be more proud to be her daughter. I know if I become more like her, I'll become more like Christ. She has made me who I am today. I love you, Mom! Happy Mother's Day!


I wish we lived closer to these great cousins. 
Congrats to Erin for graduating! And congrats to Breanne for getting engaged!


Sometimes life is hard and stressful and not fun. Getting older means more responsibilities and more expectations. Sometimes thinking about all those things boggs me down... Today is one of those days. So, to counteract this mood, I've been thinking about traveling to somewhere warm and sunny, where I don't know anybody. (Sounds wonderful, ya?)  I can wander the streets or be in the great outdoors, discover new things about the world I live in and not worry about a thing. That would be bliss.