A little bit of Jazz

Last night I was more than excited to attend the winter Jazz concert at BYU-Idaho.   Have I mentioned how much I LOVE Jazz music?! Well, I do and I was very excited to be there because: 
1. Jazz music makes my heart skip a beat, and 2. Our good friends Jason and Jon were singing! The next Michael Buble {Aka, Jason Lucas} sings in this video. Pretty fantastic if I do say so myself! You'll want to sway during this and then want Jason's phone number...

Spring has sprung...err not really.

Happy first day of Spring! Too bad it doesn't feel like it here in Idaho. In fact, I still need a parka and snow boots. Brr. I'm wishing I was at any of these locations right now. Please hurry summer.
Pictures via Outdoor Living

Sometimes you have to...

Happy Birthday, Kirstie!!

My blonde hair...

will be back on Thursday! :) I'm thrilled. In other news, I bought THIS in grappa punch today. So cute! I couldn't be more excited for summer.