I'm back!

Hello friends, It's been a while, hasn't it? Life has been so hard, but lets talk about that later.

This holiday season, I decided to design a few Christmas cards. Here are some samples of what yours could look like. You include the images and I design a card you'll love. $10 each. What a steal!!


We're married! share the same last name, and live in the same apartment together. If I think about those things for too long it's kinda weird :) I have loved every moment together. (this is about to get cheesy..) He's the apple to my pie, the straw to my berry and the one I wanted to marry. Although life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful, there are so many beautiful reasons to be happy.

The Holiday

Christmas day was spent at my Grandma and Grandpa Coyne's home this year! It's something that we have never done before. My Aunt Heather and her boys also were there to share the festivities with us. We didn't do any of our usual Christmas Eve traditions, but it was really special to be there with my Grandparents, who are aging. I was feeling crummy thanks to a some wicked bad hemorrhoids (too much info?). I went to the doctor Christmas eve day and had them lanced open.. Nothing says happy holidays like a really sore butt. :) Christmas night my parents drove me to the SLC airport to spend the rest of the holidays with Bryan and his family in Maine.  I was pretty worried about sitting on my sore arse, but the flight was practically empty and I was able to lay down. That's right, LAY DOWN!! It was a Christmas miracle.

Maine is the prettiest state!! I had the most wonderful time! Bryan has the sweetest family that were so welcoming and kind to me. Lots of games were played, stories told about Ukraine, delicious dinners, shopping at L.L. Bean, seeing lighthouses, visiting with his siblings that live there, meeting nephews and nieces, taking naps, bowling, fancy dinners out, birthday celebrations, movie watching, and eating lobster. I'm excited to go back.. when there's not an ice storm, of course! :)

A Birthday

I am now the ripe old age of 24-- which means my eggs are drying up. :) 

I had a lovely day at work, putting up Christmas decorations and listening to my favorite Holiday CD's.
Later we ate at Red Robin, open gifts, and did homework (a personal favorite.. )
 I love this boy. I am sure grateful he's mine.  Here's to hoping 24 is the best year so far.


Bryan and I have spent the last beautiful weathered weekends in Island Park and surrounding areas fly fishing & exploring. I thought I loved normal fishing, but this!! It's 10x's better than sitting on the bank waiting for a poor fish to come by and eat your bait. Fly fishing is like a game- you're taught to know what kind of hatches are rising, what fly to tie on, where to cast, what to look for, how to not 'throw' your line (sometimes I accidentally do that..), learning to balance in the river and not fall in, what Gink is, etc, etc. It's a lot to think about while trying to catch these fish, but boy is it rewarding! I hope Fall lasts forever. I sure have loved each moment in the outdoors. The human spirit always needs places where nature has not been re-arranged by the hand of man.

Mmm, so handsome!
Herriman State Park.
Can you spot my shadow?

Moom is the greatest person on the plant earth. She also has the voice of an angel descending from heaven. Moom is graduating from BYU-Idaho this semester in Vocal Performance and needed some pictures for her senior recital that's coming up quickly. She's the kindest, happiest, outgoing person I know. She's in the cool kids club. She makes me feel really cool when I walk down the halls of the Snow Building with her. It's like being in a movie where you're part of an elite group and guys and galls flock to you while you walk down the hall way just so they can say 'Hi'. (don't worry, that never happened to me either, but it does to Moom!). Everyone knows her name and wants to spend hours chatting like they were friends since the 4th grade and have hours of "Moom bonding time". I'm lucky to know her

new school work
new learning
new work schedule
new job opportunities
new students
new classroom
new friends
new love
new life 
new happiness