Moom is the greatest person on the plant earth. She also has the voice of an angel descending from heaven. Moom is graduating from BYU-Idaho this semester in Vocal Performance and needed some pictures for her senior recital that's coming up quickly. She's the kindest, happiest, outgoing person I know. She's in the cool kids club. She makes me feel really cool when I walk down the halls of the Snow Building with her. It's like being in a movie where you're part of an elite group and guys and galls flock to you while you walk down the hall way just so they can say 'Hi'. (don't worry, that never happened to me either, but it does to Moom!). Everyone knows her name and wants to spend hours chatting like they were friends since the 4th grade and have hours of "Moom bonding time". I'm lucky to know her

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new learning
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new job opportunities
new students
new classroom
new friends
new love
new life 
new happiness