To Infinity and Beyond!

On August 20th-23rd, a climbing guide will take 2 friends and I to the top of the world, almost 14,000 feet, to the summit of the Grand Teton. My hands are sweating as I write this. It's going to be the hardest physical test I've put my body through, but I try not to think about it too often (which is impossible because I'm so excited!!).  I work hard every day to keep an optimal climbing/walking strong body.  Lots of running, stairs, lunges, pushups, weight training, rock climbing, you name it-I've done it, or am doing it :)

I'll first visit the Middle Teton in just 2 short weeks in preparation for the climb of the Grand Teton. I'm giddy with excitement for these adventures! Some people are worried about all the risks (ahhem, mom...) But, it will be a goal completed and a dream come true. Something that I'll never forget.

Any Mountain climbers out there? Tips and suggestions are VERY welcome. I've only climbed a few mountains in my life..

I'll probably pose like this at the top of the mountain...

If you're wondering what this adventure looks like, there is a great blog written by a man who climbed with 3 other men. It has great pictures and maps to help anyone understand what it's really like up there. Read about it HERE

The Good Old Days

Sometimes I do ridiculous things for school. Take this photography assignment for example....We were assigned to recreate old photos.  HAHA This is possibly the craziest thing I've done all semester. I clearly can't fit in the bathtub like I could 19 years ago :)


Before we left for Canada,  I took some great shots of my roommate, Reina. She is beautiful, right?! I'm digging the fact that you can see me in the reflection of the sunglasses :)