25 Days of Christmas... or SCARFS!

I Scarfs

Wow, aren't these awesome?!
I love EVERYONE of them!!
I was visiting one of my favorite craft sites, Grosgrain, and found this new post awaiting me. I loved it so much i thought i would blog about it too. I think i'll try number 6, 10 and 16 first. Or maybe i'll make one for every day in December. They'll make great gifts and most of them are very simple to make. You can find each of the tutorial links below. Enjoy!

24. YoYo Scarf Tutorial. ( Note: I couldn't find a  specific tutorial on how to make one but i linked to a tutorial on how to make a yoyo.
Just connect them together in different  forms to make a scarf.)

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AmyF Hackworth said...

Wow, am I sure glad I visited your blog. This is a treasure trove!!

Love you!