Time flies when you're having fun, or working, or going to school...or maybe all three.  This blog definitely gets left behind when life is full of adventures. 

Some happenings:

| Only 3 semesters of school left! Then what? Well, I don't know either...
| Best roommates ever. Seriously, I've never had so much fun! {or gotten into so much trouble}
| Lots of late nights working on homework in consequence of having too much fun
| Book Arts. {more on these creations later}
| Dreaming of winter, sub-zero weather, and skiing...
| Swimming, camping, hiking, berry picking, bonfires and all the fun that summer brings
| Finally learning how to drive the motorbike.  Look who surprised everyone :)
| Telling people all semester I'm from The Hamptons. Yes, Some still believe it
| Spending too much money on Jcrew clothing.  But who can help themselves? They are a work of art!
| Daydreaming of where the next step in life will take me
| Finally coming to the conclusion that change is good. Without it I would never become better
| Cutting all my hair off and then dying it auburn.
| Becoming a dam volunteer, wearing a dam shirt and telling my roommates we're all wearing the same dam shirt and to put on your other dam shirt, please.  {I just really wanted to say that on here}
| Weddings
| Netflix... I am addicted to 24!
| Dancing
| Answering phone calls, "Coates Landscape, this is Sarah" all day, everyday.  It gets in your head. And then you end up answering your own phone that way.. oops
| Dating. A lot.
| Garage saling. Best Saturday morning activity ever
| Late night conversations with friends.

More happenings to come, I'm sure.  Hopefully they'll be even better-If that's possible.  Happy August...or what's left of it!

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