Remember that one time I said I would post the Canada pictures, eh? Oops...that never happened.  Be prepared for picture OVERLOAD now! A lot of good memories and friendships were solidified during the trip. Deciding to visit Canada was spontaneous; We were all in the living room chatting and telling stories when we had the bright idea to take a road trip to Alberta Canada to see Tiffany & Alex's wedding. I am so glad we chose to go, even though we had only known her for a few weeks :) They probably thought we were crazy and not completely serious about actually going, but little did they know....

We learned a lot about each other on during the 24 hours we spent in the car. Many Disney songs were sung, stories were told (mostly in a Cascade Montana accents haha), and lots of pictures were taken. It's a miracle we're all still friends :) Thanks to our many Canadian friends that showed us hospitality, took us to Canadian malls, fed us Canadian food, introduced us to Canadian men (my favorite!), became Canadian tour guides in that beautiful land, and of course, fed us toooo much Canadian candy.

Pit-stop in Cascade, Montana! On a side note, the bathroom is behind the meat department.. kinda creepy
Wedding Day!

These photos are taken from inside Waterton National Park, which is like heaven if you ask me. I would gladly live inside the park :) It has a European feel; Green waters, quaint little shops, and rolling hills for miles. It was super windy and cold when we got to the top of Bears Hump, but it was so beautiful!! I could use a good hard hike through the mountains right now. Nothing is better than the smell of pine trees and dirt.

At the top of Bears Hump

Can't wait to go back!

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