Living in Ukraine

It hasn't been an easy journey--I'm not sure why I needed to come to Ukraine, yet, but I felt completely okay with the decision to live here. I haven't learned much about being a graphic designer, but I have learned a lot about culture and having compassion for those that don't have everything I do in America. This is how they live everyday and they don't know any better.  I've never been more happy to live in a land that's free! I can live here for 3 months and experience the life that they lead; the dirtiness and filth, the poor planning, the social economics, poverty, etc, and then I can come back and live in America where I'm free to choose for myself the way I live.
Thank goodness for the best of friends that I've made while living here, and for the best of friends and family that talk to me everyday from across the ocean, for it would be a much harder experience without them.

I'm so lucky to be traveling every few weeks while i'm living here in Eastern Europe. It is the highlight of this time here! So far I've visited Amsterdam, Hungry, Slvania, and Italy. In a few weeks, I'll be in the warm sunshine on the beaches of Greece. Sometimes life is really hard :)

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Rachel said...

Ah, I love your pictures and your stories. I'm so glad you're enjoying everything, and love all the updates! <3