On a cold day in the middle of December, I saw this quote on Pinterest, cliche I know, but it inspired me to apply for an internship that was farther away than I had ever been before.  I got accepted, moved across the world, learned more about myself than I ever thought was possible, and became a better person, friend and employee. Now I'm sitting here in Ukraine on my very last day wondering where the time has gone. I visited 14 countries and received 27 new stamps in my passport. I can even speak Russian (but don't get your hopes up, I can only say a few things).  I hope to catch up on this blog soon, sharing stories and pictures of my adventures. See you back in America.

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AngelaMuir said...

i just found your blog from pinterest search "sea salt chocolate chip cookies" :) i totally got lot in your blog for a few minutes reading about being in ukraine- that hospital experience- OMG! ah! Well you have a new follower here, ill look forward to more stories from your internship.