The day before I flew out of the country, I stopped in at a Cinco De Mayo party to say goodbye to a few close friends that I knew I wouldn't see in a long time.  I had my roommate, Sadie, go with me. It was a big party and I was nervous about who I'd run into. I was obviously trying to avoid any sort of awkward confrontation with a few nutcase guys & I knew she could help me get out of a weird situation fast. We walked in the door of the club house, heard our names and walked over to the group of guys I came to say goodbye to...Except something was different this time; There was a new boy. A boy that I knew, from the moment we met, would change my life forever.
I didn't run into any nutcases that night and I didn't spend much time with anyone I actually came to see. But time was spent with that new boy.  12 hours later I was boarding a plane to live 5,613 miles away.
That Cinco De Mayo became the beginning of our story.

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